♥A little website dedicated to my beloved Pollen, made as a gift for our one year anniversary of knowing each other♥


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Hello hello!! If you're here seeing this, it's probaby october 17th and you're most likely Pollen!!! Hi!!!!! I've been working on this place for a little while now, and I hope you enjoy it just as I've enjoyed working on it! Because this was mostly made through a template it was... An ordeal to get everything to look just right, and some stuff still looks a little wonky. But, I hope you enjoy it anyways!!! Click on Sakuras to come back here, click on Lilies to see a compilation of songs that make me think of you, and click on Roses to see things that remind me of you!! I hope you enjoy this website as much as I enjoyed working on it! I'll probably update this place every now and then, so check in once in a while if you'd like to!!!