♥A playlist of sings I've compiled over the past year that remind me of us/you!♥



Flower Day

OK honestly I have no idea where this came from? I just remember listening to it in class once and thinking about how the sound and tune reminded me of us. It's still a song I hold near and dear to mt heart Tbh

I hear a symphony

This one actually comes from two different things!! I remember sometime at the end of 2021, you did this "the 40th song in my playlist will describe how my 2022 will go", which I did shortly after you did, and this was the song I got! I think it's pretty fitting honestly. The second reason comes from this one art piece you did in 2021 a little after we met. After my Bday, but not quite into the new year. It had lyrics from this song, and I've associated it w/ you ever since!

Strawberry Blonde

OK this song is. not Actually a song that was meant to be read this way, but the lyrics have reminded me about us for A While so i wanted to include it anyways nvjknf

Nuestra Canción

This one is both a song that I associate with PV and a song that I associate with you,, It just makes me So Happy,,,

Squid Melody

I heard this song Once and I had to listen to it again the very moment it ended BC it was So Us,, Literally a song from a musician to an artist♡

If I could ride a bike

I have no idea where this one came from?? It just reminds me of us for Some reason.. it's been a fav of mine for a while (since my DR hyperfix) and I guess it just kinda stuck!!

We Fell in Love in October

This was the song you got for your "the 40th song in my playlist is how my 2022 will go" and I think it's very fitting for us!! We did fall in love in October!!!!


Me when. me when you are so bbeautiful where I can't even Use Words to describe how pretty you are...shdjsjs♡♡♡♡♡

Acid Hues


Mary On A Cross

This song,,, this song is so 🐙🌈🦑 it's probably my fav song to associate pearlina w ever.. IT'S SO DJSJXJZJSJ


FR ME ABOUT YOU literally..... crying sobbing Screaming /POSITIVE

Butch 4 Butch

You like this song, I like this song.. therefore I will forever associate it with you! literally it's such a nice song I love it sm xjsjs

In Case It Crashes

I remember back when you first F/Od Mio you were looking for an anthem and I recommended this one!! It's one of mt favorites, and since then I've associated it w both Chiaki and you!!!


I remember you commented about us having a similar music taste when going through one of my old F/O carrds because of this song!! I think it's really nice and Fun how we listen to similar music!!

Pretty Girl

Pretty much same reasoning as the last song!!

Space Girl

Alien from space falls in love REAL

Dear Soulmate

These lyrics ARE LITERALLY so US.. Like from the change in green/blue eyes in the chorus to the singer stating they have brown eyes.. LITERALLY so us in the real